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Most Brussel’s based think tanks see themselves as a bridge between European academia and policy-making. IIP Europe provides the bridge between Latin America academia and policymakers in Europe to enable critical thinking and reflection on a host of issues that affect citizens’ lives on both sides of the Atlantic aiming to achieve a more local-oriented, and therefore more effective, approach on the international policy-making process.

IIP Europe is a bridge between policymakers and those who experience the implementation and impact of policymaking, including citizens, the business community, and wider civil society. We are proud of our ability to connect citizens’ views directly with the policy-making process in Europe and Latin America.  

By joining IIP Europe, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with EU and Latin America decision-makers in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, providing a platform where your views contribute to the policymaking process, hear independent and diverse views on several EU-LATAM topics and to gain insights on political agenda and legislative process on both sides of the Atlantic.


Why become a member of the IIP Europe stakeholder network?

As a member of IIP Europe’s network of stakeholders, your organization will:

  • Access to a wide set of activities programs such as large-scale policy summits to exclusive roundtables.
  • Connect with different sectors to get alternative perspectives on policy issues.
  • Engagement with EU leaders in the heart of Europe during formal and informal opportunities.  
  • Engagement with LATAM leaders during formal and informal opportunities.
  • Access to expert knowledge to develop policy solutions and improve policy thinking on the topics that matter the most to you.
  • Be informed about the policy and legislative process on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Change the development of current emerging policies.
  • Most of our meetings are web-streamed as a part of the membership package.
  • Receive a weekly member newsletter for important updates on research and publications.
  • Opportunity to commission independent research on a topic of joint interest


Find the membership that adjust the best for you:

For more information, please contact

Cesar Vargas

Senior Manager Membership and Partnerships at IIP Europe

[email protected]

Become a Grant giver

In place of membership, IIP Europe has established a dedicated foundation that receives support from several national and international financial associations. This support is dedicated entirely to financing research social sensitive topics at IIP Europe such as human traffic or NGO’s free research.

Membership Guidelines

IIP Europe values its independence and research integrity. Members do not influence our research outcomes or our governance structure and procedures. Membership is automatically renewed unless notification is given three months before the end date.