Project of Security Conferences of American and Caribbean States (CSEAC) of the Institute of International Policy: 2019-2022


For several years it has been recognized by different national and international actors that security at the global, regional, national and local levels, in the face of traditional threats to States, their governments and institutions, has to respond to new challenges that seriously respect the welfare of people. In particular, it has been emphasized that one of the main characteristics of the threats and challenges for the security of the American region and its countries today is their origin and transnational scope, as well as their diverse nature, so it is essential to raise approaches that go beyond the military police model in order to generate a comprehensive security paradigm.

In this context, the Institute of International Policy proposes the holding of “The Security Conferences of American and Caribbean States (CSEAC)” as a biennial international forum for dialogue and agreement from Mexico for the American continent that involves the largest number of governments, multilateral organizations, social organizations and academic institutions, in order to discuss the main threats and challenges of the international and regional security agendas, and to propose alternatives from a multidimensional approach.



Although throughout the history of inter-American relations there have been several forums for discussion on security at different levels and thematic spheres, today there is no regional mechanism with political independence and real capacity to convene the various actors of the continent to face the emergence and aggravation of hemispheric, subregional and national threats of a military, political, economic, social and environmental nature such as international and domestic terrorism; international corruption networks; money laundering; international human trafficking; internal conflicts with regional repercussions; the worsening of poverty and inequality; the consequences of environmental deterioration; natural disasters; biosecurity and food security; and even transnational threats to the health of the population such as pandemics.

In this sense, the CSEAC seeks to become a new plural forum for the discussion of the broad security agenda in the continent and at the same time, position Mexico as a relevant actor in reflection and action on these issues.


General objective:

Build a space for analysis and design of proposals for decision-making in the face of threats and risks to continental, regional, national and internal security of the participating actors, based on multilateral, multidimensional and comprehensive schemes that do not violate sovereignty and self-determination of the states and that prioritize the security of society.


Particular objectives:

  • Objective I: Convene and promote dialogue with the various actors of the continent involved in the field of security in order to analyze the nature, antecedents, causes and consequences of the main threats and challenges on the regional agenda and their repercussions in Mexico.
  • Objective II: Make solution proposals and discuss alternatives that favor the prevention of new threats or the aggravation of existing challenges, which can become useful inputs for decision-making by the bodies in charge of internal and national security in Mexico.
  • Objective III: Generate specialized analyzes on the threats, risks and alternatives for the security of Mexico derived from its transregional geographic location in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Objective IV: Start a new forum of meetings for political-diplomatic agreement from Mexico with a continental scope that facilitates the implementation of common work agendas among the different actors for the following years.


Outline of the work plan:

  • Start: October 2019.
  • CSEAC planning: October 2019-December 2021.
  • Carrying out of the CSEAC: January-March 2022.



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Partner organizations:

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